Your Mission

UnicornGames is a company that focuses on designing and implementing different gamification strategies for sales tracking, investment performance analysis, and more.

Unicorn Games

While the Alien Attack Game that we acquired from them appears to be rather simple in nature, we’ve recently discovered that it is actually a near real-time application (NRTA) that computes scores from an incoming stream of data. Your team is looking to leverage the Alien Attack infrastructure for additional purposes.


The Chief Development Engineer of the UnicornGames Alien Attack unit was not happy about being acquired. He and some of the lead Software Developers have gone missing. They left us with broken code and missing pieces of our game. We were able to recover some assets that we believe will help us to deploy the broken environment. One of the recovered assets is the Alien Attack Architecture Diagram. We’ve included this diagram below:


Your mission is to use this architecture to piece together the missing parts of the Alien Attack game before the upcoming presentation with our C-level executives. We hope that your skills will help us with the challenge of fixing this application in time.

Good luck!