1. Prerequisites

Supported AWS Regions

The following tables lists the supported AWS regions for this workshop. We recommend choosing the region that is closest to you. If you are in at an AWS event, choose the region specified by your workshop lead.

Name ID
N. Virginia us-east-1
Ohio us-east-2
Oregon us-west-2
Montreal ca-central-1
Ireland eu-west-1
London eu-west-2
Frankfurt eu-central-1
Mumbai ap-south-1
Singapore ap-southeast-1
Tokyo ap-northeast-1

Supported Browsers

The following table lists the supported browsers for this workshop. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Browser Versions
Google Chrome Latest three versions
Mozilla Firefox Latest three versions
Microsoft Edge Latest three versions
Apple Safari for macOS Latest two versions

Note: If you are experiencing issues with third-party cookies or CORS at any point in this workshop, please enable third-party cookies in your browser.