9. Create A Game Session

Create a new session for the game

Navigate back to the manager console (scoreboard/index.html), and follow the steps below to create a new gaming session. If you don’t have a Game window open in the browser already, open one now. At this moment it would be interesting to have the Game and Scoreboard windows opened side by side.

  1. Reload the Scoreboard console, and login again. This is just to guarantee that your Cognito Authentication token will be refreshed.
  2. In the field Session Name, input TEST.
  3. In the section Game Type, select Multiple trials.
  4. Click on the button Start game.
  5. Make sure the page loads a table with the fields Nickname, Score, Shots, Level, Lives.
  6. Navigate back to the game tab in your browser. For a better experience, leave the windows opened side by side. If you have set up your architecture correctly, you will see a button labeled JOIN session. Click on it.
What's happening here?

Congratulations! You fixed the game!

Take a few minutes to revel in your success by playing some Alien Attack.

After a few minutes of playing the game, take a look at the scoreboard, investigate the DynamoDB tables and look inside your S3 bucket. What do you see?

You’re done. You’ve successfully fixed the Alien Attack Game. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, continue on to the next section to see what improvements can be made to the game from here.

If you would like to make this the end of your journey, and you’re content with a fully functioning Alien Attack Game, sit back, relax, and revel in your victory.

The End.