4. Test Manager & Gamer Access

Have we solved our errors with manager and user access?

Test 1: Attempt to login to the gamer console

  1. Refresh the Gamer Console tab in your browser (the page with the black background).
  2. You will be taken back to the Register/Login screen. Select Login.
  3. Refresh the page and enter your user credentials if you have been logged out.

What do you see? Are you receiving any errors in your browser’s Developer Console?

Looks like we still have some bugs to fix before we can properly access the gamer console.

Test 2: Attempt to login to the manager console

  1. Navigate to the Manager Console tab that you opened in the Setup step. Refresh the browser.
  2. Enter your user credentials. Select Login.

What do you see here? Our guess is you may still be seeing an AccessDeniedException.

Let’s proceed to the next step and see if we can fix this.