Getting Started

Congratulations! Your team has recently acquired the Alien Attack unit from UnicornGames, a company that focuses on designing and implementing different gamification strategies for sales tracking, investment performance analysis, and more.

Unicorn Games

AWS Alien Attack is a near real-time multiplayer game built on AWS. While it may seem like just a game, Alien Attack actually serves as an event source that produces data points on the scores and statuses of the gamers. This data is being ingested, processed, stored, and analyzed by an AWS near-real time application. In practice, we can use this application to exercise our understanding of AWS services and to explore various serverless architecture for games, IoT, financial transactions, and more.

One of the Cloud Engineers left behind an Architecture Diagram of the core Alien Attack environment (seen below). You’ll be using this to troubleshoot and build out new features for this game.


Let’s get to work!

Select one of the below links to get started:

If you are at an AWS event where the Event Engine is being used, click here.

If you are running this individually in your own AWS Account, click here.