AWS Alien Attack: A Serverless Adventure


Alien Attack

What is AWS Alien Attack?

The purpose of the AWS Alien Attack Workshop is to create a fun environment where you can test and think about different aspects of serverless architectures for near real-time data processing pipelines at AWS. You can use Alien Attack to think, exercise, and discuss best practices for development, security, databases, and so on.

Customers and AWS Partners looking to schedule a private session (20+ attendees) should contact their respective Account Manager (AM), Partner Development Manager (PDM), AWS Solutions Architect (SA) or AWS Partner Solution Architect (PSA). The Immersion Day is delivered at no cost.

Play the Game!

In this workshop, customers will build out the AWS Alien Attack multi-player game environment using AWS Serverless services. Before getting started, let’s play the game!

If you’re playing Alien Attack as part of an AWS-sponsored Event, join the session indicated by your workshop lead. If not, close the session window to “play disconnected”.

Play AWS Alien Attack